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.Dear Outdoor Supporter:

As much as I fought and tried to carry on some traditions over the past several years,  it has hit a point where my health, my family, and my marriage will no longer tolerate.

I would have liked to honor my fathers wishes and been able to freely share some memories, preserve some history, and also make sure ones did not need to be, were never re-visited. 

As such in life, I was only able to fulfill part of this wish . 

It is time I pull the plug. The site has been on life support for a considerable time.

I will continue to accept email at

One positive thing I do pray people will remember my father for:

Thursday nights closing salutation.  Words that for a very short time I got to say as well.

“Get Outdoors It Is a Great Place To Be!”

Actually, I just might be able to dig the video up for that. :)






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